Ruffus [Estonia]

ruffus, vaiko eplik's band covering vanilla ninja


Paska (Finland)

Paska - Bohemian rhapsody (mp3)
If M.A.Numminen is like an old demented king in the court of Finnish eccentric musicians, then Paska must be his fool. Paska (Ari Peltonen) is a punk singer, who has performed accapella one-man shows for at least 15 years now, but his first full-length album "Women are from Venus, men are from Anus" was released last year. Paska has a really simple plan - he just shouts repeatedly short stupid slogans, like "I'm shit!" etc.and does some guitar imitation a'la Beavis & Butthead (tchh-tchh-tchh).
The most amusing part are his covers. The most shockingly absurd (therefore funny) is his version of Mike Oldfield's "Tubular bells", all done just with vocals. But as it lasts about 15 minutes, nobody probably has the patience to download it.


Telex [Belgium]


Joakim Skogsberg (Sweden)

Joakim Skogsberg - Offer rota
Here comes my first contribution to Microlips. It's an old and obscure thing, made in the beginning of seventies. You see, I've never cared much about contemporary indie scene. Although I'm not avoiding it intentionally, my main interest is just strange experimental music. And I prefer it to be also old. That's because, when something is old, it seems even stranger. You know - wow! Is it really made 40 years ago?, or - you can't find that kind of music these days anymore - reaction.
Some of those oldtime oddities have now become cult articles. But with some things it's almost impossible to find information. This goes for Joakim Skogsberg "Jola rota" album also. I couldn't find out more, than just one short repeating sentence from the lists of various web based secondhand vinyl stores - "rare Swedish psychedelic folk from 1970". That didn't help much.
In 60/70s there were strong experimental scenes not only in UK and US. Germany, France and Italy had big scenes and most of the European countries had their leading psych/experimental groups. But I've always had an impression, that Sweden was somehow underdeveloped in that sense. Compared to the massive German krautrock wave, Sweden must have had the same amount of easylistening folkrock groups. Joakim Skogsberg is actually the only highly experimental Swedish psych freakout I've heard, except Träd Gräs och Stenar.
Anyway, the music on "Jola rota" is something really unique. It maybe called kraut influenced folk music, but that doesn't explain how trippy it is. It's like primeval chanting with the touch of Timothy Leary's LSD recordings. Mystic and ritualistic, but also spacy and timeless. Like a signal of a haunting folk music beyond centuries received through a transmitter in some spacelab.




BIIT PIRAADID/THE BEAT PIRATES are out, finally... , and remastered.
Rampade Org. has finished the youthproject that offered different people to dust in radio archives to choose tracks. Previously unrealeased tracks from estonian sixties beat scene. From bands that made our parents to twist and shake, ... if i may state, ... in good ol` times in Union of Soviet Socialist despeRate.
The musical revolution, those bands affected is anyway unquestionable.
Whole story with facts and pictures by insider, is described in book "Rockrapsoodia" (V.Salumets)
Buy it, here . (Translucent to estonian speaking ugrimugrian polyglots worldwide)
Concept results with 24 positively vibrating flowerbubbles. And its just an appetizer, `cause Pirates part 2 (raw and whoo-hoo) is still to come.
Thats the reason why we dont give mp3`s this time, on same reason you should demand it in stores (here`s one) or order (there`s another one).

Does it sound like a promo? well, it is. Nonprofitable in that case, anyway...

Let`s celebrate it!
10th of august in local cellar "JUUKSUR" on the corner of Vaimu/Pikk street.
Where ensemble ILLUSTRAATOR has something to dance to.
Starts 19.00
Costs 50/40