Chromatics [USA]


Hello Saferide [Sweden]

Valentine's Day [mp3]
The Quiz [mp3]
Highschool Stalker [mp3]


I'm glad to tell you that microlips started 2 years ago on February 9th!
Check out our archives to get a better idea of what was happening back then.

Now let's dance to dubstep!

Justin Timberlake - My Love (RUF remix) [mp3]

The Zebras & Tolbiac

The Zebras hail from Brisbane, Australia. The five-piece has released two albums under Mark Monnone's (The Lucksmiths) Lost and Lonesome label. Their jangly guitar-pop should be true ear-candy for fans of The Bats, The Go-Betweens and Teenage Fanclub.

Tolbiac is one-man-project of Veli Kauppinen from Helsinki, Finland. Veli is mostly known from his band The Red Carpet. Tolbiac mixes bedroom-pop with a bit of electronics in warm and slightly melancholic way. His only song in his mother tongue - "Purkkaa" ("chewing gum") - has already become a little hit in finnish/north-estonian region of internet.
You can download his whole album "Sketches" (all unreleased recordings) here
Good news for estonians - on 17th of February both The Zebras and Tolbiac will play in Tallinn (@ bar "Juuksur") where the next Odessa POP is held. More info in Estonian here.


Glass Candy [USA]

Glass Candy, a no wave threesome from Portland, is clearly one of my favourites when it comes to frosty and neurotic disco beats. In times where there is just too much of that trendy dancerock, it's fun to see everyone developing their own unique sound to make sure they differ. Glass Candy sounds minimal and insecure (almost like it's all not finished yet) on the rhythm section which makes it dramatic and tense, though the front lady Ida No (who sounds enigmatically alike to (camp-)icons like Nico or Siouxsie) with her squeals make the whole band sound as loud as a proper garagerock should (go find some similarities with YYY's when listening to 'love love love'). To get a clue about their notorious liveshows one should click here. A goofy video for 'Nite Nurses' is here.

The Chameleon [mp3]
Computer love (Kraftwerk cover) [mp3]
Love Love Love [mp3]
Nite Nurses [mp3]
Iko Iko (clip) [mp3]


Juvelen [Sweden]

I had a chance to see Juvelen playin live in December at Stockholm's Pet Sounds bar, where he was performing to about 40-50 people. Dude had an aura equal to Justin or Prince i must say, it was sexy and smooth and full of coooolness. He had even worked out his very own dancemoves (check out that foot-behind-another thingie from the vid below). The only poor thing about the show was the lack of liveness in it, though the iPod on stage justified itself in a silly way too. It was kinda odd when i saw the videoclip of him standing on the stage of Swedish Radio Awards P3 Guld in January, playin his "Hanna" as a debutant of the year! I'm glad Juvelen is going to be huge, now that HYBRIS has released his EP. "The good name of pop music will be restored, and sexy will once again be the shit."

Watch your step [mp3]