Strip Squad (Swe) & Käyttöohje (Fin)

After 2-year hiatus Strip Squad have started some sort of comeback and they're celebrating it with a small Estonian tour on 28th and 29th of March (details). Also, those dirty poppers of Sweden have recorded a new song called "Cream My Pants" . Here you can find to download some old songs. As they say themselves - "too vulgar to be twee".

Käyttöohje (in finnish "user's manual") is a shy lonesome guy from Tampere, Finland who only sings about love (a rather sad one). He will warm up Strip Squad and probably make up a nice contradiction with this band of extraverts (although they're both quite lo-fi).

Listen to "Pelottaa" ("i'm afraid")
Listen to "Järvi" ("a lake")

In Tallinn show (March 29) also a local indie-rock group Honey Power will play.


Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DotA


Fresh Fried Fries - Throw It Back (Slim Thug - Bass Is Kicking)