Le Sport [Sweden]

Songs I Wish I Had Written

[mp3] Lovetrain In King's Cross (mixed by dj.c)
[mp3] Chemical Drugs
[mp3] It's Not The End Of The World
[mp3] Tell no one about tonight
[mp3] Your brother is my only hope
[mp3] Eurosport music baby!

How sad is this? Is it end ot the world?


Prabhu Deva - Kalluri Vaanil


Pipas and Harry Hunks

The likeable guy below is Matti Eräsaari from Harry Hunks, finnish Belle & Sebastian as some narrow-minded people have called them. The reason why they are important is 1) they sound nice, funny and sophisticated - all at the same time 2) they are kind enough to shed some light on poor us* in the end of November (*playing in Estonia).
Listen to Harry Hunks - "I'm not your pet"

Two bright-looking people on top are Pipas, meaning Guadalupe Nunez-Fernandez from London and Mark Powell (now living in Brooklyn, NY) who are important for just the same two reasons as HH. They write really cool and short songs and are therefore released by Matinée Recordings.

See video of "Run Run Run" , listen to "Riff Raff", listen to "Tout va bien"


Lo-Fi-FNK [Sweden]

I tried to write down the lyrics, I'm not sure I got them right, but for singing along, here they are.

Lo-Fi-FNK - Steppin' Out

So long hidden it for too long
But I think you should tell us
Don't you think we've noticed
Promise tell me no fuzz

It's one thing, none of our business
But we saw who you were kissing
We just want you to be straight up between
Though its hard to tell

Steppin out is hard to do it
You are young it's already enough
Steppin out it's hard to get trough it
When things already are so tough


Be strong
Oh brother, we stand behind you
We're gonna defend your pride now
We're standing right beside you
Now don't you worry about those fools

It's one thing none of them business
Like why or who you are kissing
We just want you to be straigt up between
Though its hard to



Fred Lane (USA)

Fred Lane - Fun in the fundus (mp3)
Frank Zappa once came up with an amusing statement - jazz is not dead, it just smells funny. There is also another statement. Not so original, but provocative indeed - jazz is dead and Fred Lane killed it.
Fred Lane is a pseudonym of musician and artist T.R. Reed from Alabama. He released a few albums back in the 80s. From these albums - "From the one that cut you" and "Car radio Jerome" you can find swinging jazz, vintage rockabilly, country and some novelty songs. The twist is that Fred Lane has a way of saying things always with a touch of really strange absurd humour. This track here is an oldschool bigband jazz, but somewhere in the middle things take turn to wild avantgarde improvisation with deliriously howling vocals. It's like a Monty Python's comment on 50's Sun Ra. A fresh, healthy dose of anarchistic jazz humour.