montt mardié [Sweden]

montt mardié

[mp3] highschool drama
[mp3] changed

I found this stuff linked from Eurosport website which martin posted couple of weeks ago. The reason I bring this up again now is that it's absolutely important that no-one misses these songs. And can someone please explain to me - WHAT IS THIS THING TINGELING IN MY EARS? Too bad it will never work outside of Hornstull;)

P.S. I read from guestbook that new songs are on their way - can't wait.


Regina [Finland]

regina and profile @ one chord to another

regina is a new electropop group from finland. their tracks are sung in finnish. sublime girl vocals and quite dreamy sounds, wonderful.

katso maisemaa
pidä varasi, tyttö


Senor Coconut [Germany]

Jacko has lots of trouble these days. Let's hope King of Pop will come out of this :) You can support him here, or at least learn to moonwalk. Btw, Senor Coconut (aka Atom Heart) has done some great covers of pop/rock classics in his groovy electro-latin key. He began as a Kraftwerk's tribute project turning electro pioneers' melodies into sambas and cha-chas. I like Jackson's "Beat it" rework the most.

Senor Coconut - Beat It! [mp3]


Dana Countryman [USA]


MOOG-music, exotica.

[mp3] Lovesick Martian Boy
[mp3] Cocktails In Space feat. Skip Heller

ASSID [Sweden]

And some more of that terrific electropop thingy by swedes (what's the deal with them and this sound anyway?). This time it sounds a bit trashier... or as they themselves call it "intense, eurotechno influenced and punky". And i'm gonna link up somthing for windows media player too. Yes, they've also made a mad video for "Habibi" that you should give a look!

Habibi [wmv]
Cool cat [mp3]
ASSID marchin in [mp3]


Eurosport [Sweden]

eurosport (non-.tk link) and songs i wish i had written

oh yes, again some filthy electropop from sweden

euroheart (club edit) (mp3)
your brother is my only hope (mp3)
tell no one about tonight (mp3)

edit 20.6.05:
eurosport music baby (mp3)


dONT [Estonia]



out & about (mp3)


Depoo [Estonia]

chicago house?

funeral day (mp3)


Mixtapes & Cellmates [Sweden]

Mixtapes & Cellmates and Bedroom Records


Static, Oh Static (mp3)
A: Pavement B: Home (mp3)