Röövel Ööbik [Estonia]

The one and only Estonian diehard indierock combo to record a session for John Peel & BBC Radio One back in 1993, Röövel Ööbik (the Robber Nightingale in English), is back in business to release their new album called Supersymmetry on Umblu in the beginning of December.

Contact [mp3] (from SekSound)


Evestus [Estonia]

Evestus seems to be one of those unnoticed (but highly productive) local talents. You might associate him with several metal/industrial projecets like Forgotten Sunrise or Solwaig. He is releasing his second full length soloalbum called "Wastelands" right now (already purchaseable in Estonia) on Canadian Dtrash records which is one of the most renown and innovative digital hardcore and noisy electronica labels these days. His self-released debut "Destiny in life" is now fully available in mp3 format on Dtrash as well. I hope to get my hands on a copy of "Wastelands" soon, till now i have to judge it by the couple of tracks he sent me.

"Wastelands" is appreciably more mature than "Destiny in life" and technically not so radical. It seems like his musical journey has developed from edgy IDM-like breakcore to much deeper and experimental soundscapes. It tends to travel inwards. Maybe it's just that he didn't dare to send me those drilly and explosive motherfuckers that the rest of the record consists of, but i doubt it. Talking about the production process of his, you can't overlook the fact that his music is compounded in primitive sequncer program called SoundClub. You need to try it out yourself to understand what we are dealing with.

His music is greatly influenced by cyberpunk comics, cartoons and videogames. Several tracks are flooded with breakbeat loops and samples from civil defence films from the 50's, which have an half-ironical and critical position. There surely exists a social-minded being who is seriously concerned with the welfare of society behind that nihilistic mask Evestus has pullled over his face. Maybe it gives me a different point of view that Evestus is the one that i got my very first Alec Empire and Atari Teenage Riot tapes ages ago. Oh, it's been emotional.

Vault tec [mp3]
What have we done [mp3]
Outdoorsman [mp3]


Herr Tyvärr + goda vänner [Sweden]

In the beginning, Herr Tyvärr + goda vänner was just a solo project for Klas from My Darling YOU! (remember?). Basically, he bought a synthesizer and wanted to learn how to program it. Then he was offered to play live, so he talked to alot of friends and rearrenged the songs with more instruments and melodies. And the band with 8-9 members was formed. And of course, the rest is history. Their sound reminds me very different directions in synthesized pop music, there's also a great 80's vibe in it. Imagine Jacko's "Thriller" mixed up with PSB's earlist records and add the unique swedish flavour to it. Yes, that might be it. And still not. I remember listening them for the first time. It sounded fresh, yet too much for me. I remember wondering if it just sounds oddly oldschool for today or is it really ahead of it's time. I think it's just one of those times when you notice the strange timelessness. Oh, i'm pleased with Klas' songwriting. Cuz there's another reason for this post. My Darling YOU! has recorded a new EP called "The winter will take us all" and there are 2 great tracks with very catchy lyrics from it available on their new site. Maybe we're even going to hear about their remix album in near future. Let's see...

1 Vi har det! [mp3]
2 Va vill du? [mp3]
3 Försök inte snacka med grisarna [mp3]
4 Levebröd [mp3]
5 Vår sista dans [mp3]

My Darling YOU! - Midsummer party [mp3]
My Darling YOU! - Please don't talk to me I fall in love so easily [mp3]


Supercreep [USA]

"Exploiting his own personality flaws and goth-funk-teen roots to spawn a self-deprecating carnival of split personalities, bent harmonies and broken soul, Supercreep shamelessly pens song after song about vaguely-concealed heterosexual tension antics, obsessions with past lives personified by cabaret ghouls and schlocky vampires, and twisted end-of-days undertones swirled in hand-me-down Theosophy and Greek myth - playing all the instruments himself and singing his own chik backup vocals."

Supercreep's music belongs to imaginary discoclubs, where eccentric beings are dancing to that kind of diffusive and blurred grooves, almost incomplete superhits which are clearly pulled out from another dimension. It almost feels like someone has forgotten the drummachine to tick on it's own. There ain't nothing amazingly new in his music, i'm wondering if i'm more charmed to that dirty and straightforward production style or am i simply fascinated to that incredible fun-ky-ness that Supercreep causes. Mr. Creep's vocal skills are also worth mentioning, especially in tracks such as "Scary Face" and "Tasteless". The latter one must be the most stylish disco ballad ever written. By the way, in our mixtape you can find his almighty "Gastronome" under the Super Vision moniker. As we are dealing with a creep, there ain't much information available, whereas i got really attached to his music and still decided to have a word with him. I'm gonna post some parts of our conversation.

Scary face [mp3]
Hay Donna [mp3]
Tasteless [mp3]
Charles and the lovely Eve [mp3]
Get Off My Beach! [mp3]
I'm So Bored [mp3]
Dismissalism [mp3]
Zombie Talk [mp3]
Ariel Pink - West Coast Calamities (Supercreep's club mix) [mp3]

First of all, what's the deal with donna? you just simply decided to dedicate a song to her?
Donna's a hero. I wanted to paint a wicked lady and the word was Donna. Donna just slithered out of my mouth. I don't know why she's coming back. So it was a mouth/rhythm-what-word-fits kinda thing. (Strange though I later found out I dated a "Donna" a few years back - no relation.)
Ok, what influences you anyway in general?
The Shangri-Las. The Shags. Holy Mountain. Los Angeles. The 1980's because those years feel the most tragic and epic.
I noticed you have done a rework of one Ariel Pink's track. What's up with that?
Oh West Coast Calamities! That was when I was living very far away (from Los Angeles) and hadn't seen him in years. That song was like a love letter. Plus I thought it would be hilarious to do West Coast Calamities with that sound and gothy vocals. Have you heard the original? It's so different!
Is there any specific way for your songs to come into being? Do they exist in your mind for a long time or you just play instruments and see what will happen?
They can't be in my head for a while or else they vanish or mix up. Sometimes it's a race to figure them out before they change. Besides, the ones that really sound good to me are just accidents.
It's a stupid question, i know, but still, do you play live? How the hell could you possibly give a great concert only by yourself and your drummachine?
Yeah no I think the same thing like I better put together a band and teach them the songs but I think the backtracks are great. It all amounts to something that's going on in my head all by itself.
How do you yourself define your sound? Do you ever consider yourself as a part of the so called new weird america movement?
No but I am pretty weird. Though I'm not sure who coined that term... The Wire? It's hard being weird in America because if you're truly weird you don't even get to be part of a 'movement' like that... you're really just alone and experiencing yourself in a really free way. I think my sound sort of chose me... like I never expected to be making pop music.
Thank you, and please, recommend me a great new artist that i probably haven't heard about yet.
Ry Rocklen