Regina [Finland]

our long time favorite finnish electropop group regina released their second album few months ago. it is more modernish but as beautiful as before (or something like that). you get two new tracks from their myspace and check out their video.
actually we are happy because regina is coming to estonia this summer, performing at plink plonk festival, in tartu 21. july!!!

EDIT: sadly no regina for us :( still plink plonk is essential!


Двое _зной (RUS)

After yesterdays "eurovision" primetime,
into my separate, indeed pc indented mind
came in, so to say, a catchy europop find
And why not let them shine,
in here, in microlips site.
Something what after first listening reminds
a bit of Ace of Base`s "I saw the sign"
So take this lollipop by the hand
and taste it, if you don`t mind.

La Bambassadeur of trashculturesque is trying to set things straight, after apolitically hypercorrect times.


Oppenheimer (Northern Ireland). Goodnight Monsters (Finland)

Oppenheimer - Saturday Looks Bad To Me

Goodnight Monsters - 20 Fingers, 20 Toes

Listen: Oppenheimer - Breakfast in NY

Both bands perform at Odessa POP on 10th of May in Von Krahl, Tallinn together with best Estonian indie-pop band Ans Andur and Microlips DJs.

Webpage of the event with more info: Odessa POP


Noizmakaz / J.M.K.E [Estonia]

Noizmakaz - Monument

J.M.K.E - Monument