Kaja II [Estonia/Canada]

I think I can't be more obvious with the hints I'm giving you by these songs. This one's title can be translated as "Come And Dance". The year was 1984.

[mp3] Tule Tantsi


Tommy Eld [Sweden]

Let's dance on. Don't forget to meet us on Saturday!


party with microlips and Odessa POP!!!

Maybe you have already noticed this blinking banner on the right side... Exactly! We are going to party this Saturday night and if guys from microlips are involved it definitely means dancing!
There will be melodija & kalev with uplifting indiepop, la bambassadeur with raw guitar sounds, ed with cheesy disco music, suhkruhai with some weirdo-pop, martin with synths and indiebeats and edasi with obscurities in popmusic.

While you shine your dancing shoes and try on your party dress you need music to keep you in the mood, so lets start with two teenage girls from Sweden and hope that coming days will bring us some more.

Lucky Twice - Lucky


The Honeydrips [Sweden]

The Honedrips & myspace

I wrote about Mr Pedro once and made it look like "My apologies" was his song, it turns out that we should also give a credit to Mikael Carlsson who is the man behind The Honeydrips.
And as we're clearing that out I'd like to point out other great songs. The melody of "Åh, Karolin" might sound familiar.
If you like what you hear - go and buy recently released "Here comes the future" CD from Sincerely Yours.

[mp3] Åh, Karolin
[mp3] My apologies (Otur version)
[mp3] My apologies (Mr Pedro version)
[video] (Lack of) love will tear us apart feat. Hanna


AUR [Estonia]

AUR is one talented guy running a little indielabel called Tiskotown on the biggest island of Estonia - Saaremaa, which is my own homeland too. I must say he is also the most productive artist from his own label releasing house/electro/techno/downtempo tracks for over 10 years now. It seems like i've been waiting for this track from AUR (also known as Alexus 3.0 and Elektronkyylik) to make a post here, cuz it has that very special 8bit synthpop feeling that we here in microlips are fond of. Martin once (2 years ago?) asked me to post something from my own recordlabel, so here you are, never too late, right. Avage end, ülased.

Avage End