Def Räädu [Estonia]

well, now i will sound really cheesy, but i want to celebrate today's independence day of estonia. for such a beautiful day i will post you a link to the real classic of estonian vocal house! def räädu has been around for years, they are from rakvere and they have made sounds of different modern music styles, as house, reggae, hiphop, nujazz etc. lejal genes, their record label (also from rakvere), has made available some of their earlier releases to download. among them is café liquid deluxe, which has also my old favorite "limiitideta action mõmmi baaris". of course, you need to understand lyrics to get most of it, but same time you can take it as one great mystery. i guess title translates as "action without limits at mõmmi bar" ('mõmmi' is teddy bear, you know).

limiitideta action mõmmi baaris (mp3)

PS until next thursday we all should check out raadio 2 shows from february 23. this day radio 2 played only estonian music. yes! my choices would be Must Mesi with wonderful estonian soul, disco, funk and hiphop music and of course Vibratsioon, with different styles, though this week regular host Raul Saaremets was at vacation and he was replaced by almost same legendary Erik Morna!


Je m'appelle Mads [Denmark]

website & Jenka Music

[mp3] Kvikstep
[mp3] På Bahamas
[mov] Det Dufter Så Dejligt
[mov] live show

We got a tip, that we should check this group out, from a friend several months ago. But there were technical difficulties to reach their website at the time. I accidentally stumbled to the message again and this time there weren't any problems and I reached the mp3-files easily.
Unfortunatelly the site is all Danish. If there's someone who understands, feel free to translate:) Jenka Music has a jukebox with a couple of more songs.

Somehow, this live video doesn't make me feel like going to their gig, but if I think again, this seem to be a really cool live show:)


Sad, sad, sad..., maybe not, depends on view, Kicks are kicked, for better nor worse.
About year ago we was hoping for the day to come, when ELIAS & THE WIZZKIDS will arrive on this side of Baltic Sea. Like vikings in the past? ...., whatta heck, even so, we waited and waited and the day came.

On friday 17th. Rampade Org. is giving you the 13th. Kick of teenage anger.
Line up is solid, mentioned one man band together with wizards, plus estonian:
ELIIT+ORELIPOISS+THREE LOUSY BUMS, sideproject no one knows about, wanna know? come check it out.
ID_REV, the most post-rockin band in Tallinn
OPIUM FLIRT, fresh avantrock soundscapers from Tartu
plus latvian TRIBES OF THE CITY, like musicians themselves define their style as something between shoegaze and hippynoise. (dont be misunderstood, on site theres a old name of the band)
plus DJs with loads of reggae, surf, and boogie woogies.


Douggpound [USA]

website & myspace

[mp3] Talking In Your Sleep feat. Vanessa Buccella

I even don't know why I haven't posted this song before, although it's been in my playlist nearly half a year. At least I did it now. Enjoy!:)

Douggpound is a video-artist who also creates some electronic music. This song is cover of The Romantics' version and it's made for 80's collection - "for edmar's thingy", as he describes it himself. The compilation is Lumptronic 5: Lumpenwave. After Douggpound's I listened several other versions, including the original, but there was not much to listen:) It also seems that the man is someway linked with J+J+J we posted months ago.

PS - first post exactly year ago!!! Happy birthday, microlips!!!:)


Les Diamants [Estonia]

Now this might sound a bit radical (in fact, they are fucking radical) but they are probably telling the truth - "First Estonian garage rock CD is released." There's a full-length mp3 available from Les Diamants' debut "Fortune Fools" album. At least. Now let's jubilate!

"We're not copycats, we have adopted all the aspects of modern and original garage rock and turned them into a unique mixture."

Gimme All Your Diamonds [mp3]


Gentle Touch [Sweden]

Songs I wish I had written will release Gentle Touch EP on 22nd February, cuz they are "totally in love with those songs and can't wait to spread the danceable but dreamy tunes to the world". And we can also hardly wait!

Memories [mp3]


Dancing Butterflies [USA]

Let's Save Our Environment [mov]


aides (est) www.aides.ee

i don't know. new grunge postpunks?
something like that. friend of mine
saw them live and loved it. i've only
heard this one song. looking forward to
their next gig