Sethh [Estonia]

Sethh is 20 year old newcomer in Estonian music scene with outstanding sense in popmusic. Most of his tracks are full of funny and less funny (sometimes eerie) vocal experimentations. He has also e-released a free mp3 promo album called "Elite promo", which refers to an interesting phenomen in local popculture which declares that (among likeminded artists) anyone recording and playing all instruments by himself can and should release an album using the "performer & Elite" form in the title. A very nice move towards indie-revolution, seems to me. So, here's Sethh & Elite covering Justin Timberlake.

Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back (Sethh remake) [mp3]


Risto [Finland]

finnish music scene is very interesting, in big world their weird folk is mainly loved. i like as you know indie, i've went to finland just to see my two favorite finnish bands and so on. one wellknown label from finland is fonal. they release different music, well, tv-resistori is my favorite. i like also paavoharju, and risto is great. risto is actually performing in tallinn this friday. what a surprise! they sing in finnish, some smarty texts they have and make good indierock. you should listen their newer songs from myspace. i like diskopallo, though i'm afraid i like 7" version more. actually i read it's best track in live, so i can't wait! but watch also their video and download older track nina olen palasina.

nina, olen palasina (mp3)


:( [UK]

:( or colon-open-bracket is 4 young scots doing nice and moody nintendopunk. Very catchy name for an emo-flavoured group, though breaking up and being cute is not all there is, i recall a slogan that said "8 bit is dead" as long as they rule in that nintendo-business now! In my worst nightmare I see Luigi and Mario sitting in bath-tub cutting each others veins :(

-->->-@ [mp3]
Twin Chevron Action Flash [mp3]


Ratatat [USA]

Ratatat will play live at Estonian Academy of Arts on Monday January 29th alongside local heroes, such as Luarvik Luarvik and Galaktlan Grupp.

Seventeen years [mp3]


Fuck Yuo I Am a Robot [Estonia]


The Teenagers [UK]

myspace, myspace remixes, blog

Homecoming [mp3]
Fuck Nicole [mp3]
We are the Teenagers [mp3]

I had a chance to talk about the band with Dorian, so I could put together a post about the band. The Teenagers was formed in Christmas 2005, when Michael, Dorian and Quentin “were together for xmas, drunk some cheap vodka and started to write Fuck Nicole”. Michael plays bass, Dorian plays guitar and Quentin sings. They will start doing gigs in March 2007 (the closest to us is probably in Stockholm on 31st of March). They also play DJ sets (check out the dates and places from Myspace).

Creating the songs, they usually first make up the music and then start thinking about the theme for the song. The inspiration, Dorian says, for their music and lyrics comes not so much from their musical influences and favourites, but has more to do with their own lives. “One of us is really into hardcore music, and we listen to a lot of electronic/techno and pop mainstream music... I think you can’t really hear that when you’re listening to The Teenagers. Maybe I’m wrong”, he adds.

The Teenagers haven’t published any records yet, but they have signed a deal with a Canadian label called S.L.U. (home of Crystal Castles, Duchess Says, Dandi Wind). They will release their debut EP with them. Also, Dorian adds, that it’s too early to talk about the matter anyway.

So we can be sure that this is not the last we hear from the Teenagers.


Pop Of The Moment

Just a few bands I'm hooked with at the moment (or for some time already but forgot to tell you):

Hot Silk Pockets (on pic as well) hail from Glasgow, but it seems they're still rather obscure. I really like their ecstatic and original sound, though.

The Maybellines
already pretty experienced popsters from Denver, USA are back in business with new EP, but their biggest hit so far is still: Wait For You (video from "No Parachute" indie-video compilation DVD)

Kawaii - an electronic popduo from Norway, released by legendary Shelflife Records (a lot of free mp3's) from US. Hopefully some Estonians meet them in Tallinn some day in spring. Until then listen to: Friends Make You Lonely or their Myspace.


My darling YOU! [Sweden]

MdY! & myspace

We were very glad to have My darling YOU! performing to us live in Tallinn on 9th of December. And we are even happier that they agreed to answer some questions about their life and music and plans. Here is the interview, which was sent to us by Klas on behalf of My darling YOU! Thank you both!

MdY! latest song was made for Christmas and was recorded by their mp3-player, it's called "i had beautiful strenght & armored heart".

i had beautiful strenght & armored heart [mp3]
we break up on friday [mp3]

Tell us something about yourself. How do you spend your days? Work, school, hobbies, music? And in case you work, do you feel you get to concentrate enough on music as well?

I work in a warehouse, or stock-keeping or something like that. It's a place packed with screwdrivers and nuts etc etc. I don't like it at all, but I have no other ideas of how to make my living right now. Christoffer studies to be a teacher of Swedish and history and I think he will be really great.

The thing is: if I didn't work, I probably would have much more time to create, but I'm not sure that I would create more anyway. But sometimes, like when you have a lot to do on a recording, or so, and you have to work, it would be much better to do it without a j.o.b.

Where did you meet each-other and thought of starting to create music together?

We met in school when we were 16 or something like that. Christoffer already was in a band and they wanted me to play keyboard, and I did. Soon Christoffer was in another band (called Hübsch) together with me and two other guys, where I wrote the songs. And since then we've been good friends.

MdY! was formed in the fall of 2004, after I lived a year in Christoffers flat. We had talked about it for a while but we were not sure of how we would perform it until then.

My darling YOU! - who thought of the name and what is the story behind it?

It was me who thought of the name and it actually has no real story. I like words and phrases and I thought this one was fitting. The way it's texted - with capitol Y-O-U and the “!” mark - is important for the whole name and idea.

Could you tell a bit about the process of creating your music? Where do you get the ideas? Do you do it together?

Often it starts off with me coming up with some short phrase of lyrics. Then I usually take walks on my lunch break and come up with more, and probably even a melody. This goes on until the song is finished. In that process I have gotten ideas for the whole arrangement of the song, so it's just to go home and record it. Then when I record, I get new ideas and inspiration for the track and it's easy to make them happen since I have my equipment (synthesizers and other instruments) there. Then when everything is recorded except bass and vocals, Christoffer comes by and we record it too.

Your songs have especially good lyrics, how are they shaped out?

It's got much to do with my love for words. But a lot has got to do with the things that have happened and I want to write about. Sometimes there's a lot to say, and it is easy to write about. Sometimes there's a lot to say, but it feels like it all can be summed up in one short sentence. I usually write down what I have in a book and leave the places, where I don't have any lyrics yet, blank. Then I walk around and sing the song for myself until I come up with more, and then I write it down.

Is Göteborg a good place for creating music?

Suppose so. Lots of good music and nice people.

Are you involved with the Göteborg music-scenery and do you interact or co-operate with other bands there?

No we don't co-operate with other bands, but we meet them at parties and clubs and we're acquainted with some of them.

microlips has written about other projects of Klas. Is there anything else important going on at the moment? Is MdY! a priority or do the projects complete each-other?

Hmmm... right now I'm planning the release three 2track cd's with atk/\dcy and I want to have time to finish the Boitage de 6 debut (). Probably soon. My darling YOU! is a priority but I don't do any other music that competes with MdY! either, so I think the projects complete each other anyway.

How often do you give concerts and how many have there been abroad?

Since summer it's been almost every weekend and it's a little bit too much actually. So in November we decided not to do any shows. We've been to Estonia (x2), Latvia and Scotland, so that makes it 4 times abroad. Now I'm not sure if anything's planned. I think we will record more in a month or so.

Are there any future plans considering music? New album? Have you though of releasing a vinyl LP? ;)

We will record a new EP soon and I guess it will be released pretty soon too. Not sure which format though.

Name your top5 all-time favorite songs.

Tricky one. This changes all the time but here is my (Klas) list:

Lime - It's gonna be allright
Tom Waits - Take care of all of my children
Sparks - Eaten by the monster of love
Donna Summer - I feel love
Elton John - Your song

What kind of music are you listening yourselves at the time?

Right now I listen to Tom Waits and Allan Edwall and tomorrow when we'll have a New Years Eve party here I think there will be lots of Italo and sweet electronics.

Which bands or projects, we might not know of, would you recommend for us to check out?

Check out this:

You have visited Estonia twice now, how do you like it here?

We like it a lot. Nice people and the same weather as home. Sweet!