Olof Broström [Sweden]

olof broström and my secret garden recordings

folk songs and idm?

backdoors (mp3)


Kosmosepoiss [Estonia]


kosmosepoiss is actually paul from infamous rockband depoo. as kosmosepoiss he's making danceable music influenced by video game music or 80s electrodisco. from webpage you can find a lot of demos and sketches. hopefully he'll find motivation he needs and finishes some tracks. i link here his newer tracks. simple, nice and glamorous 80s sound.

don't fall of the universe (mp3)
primary target (mp3)


J+J+J are Joanna and Johnny (third J is for Jesus, as they first met in church) from Illinois, USA. Their unique touch of electropop is cheerful, sincere and for me, much more fun than the general electroclash which seems to be about posing quite often (hell yeah - posing is the elementar part of this scene, right?). J's are not about being glam at all, but in their own punky way they actually are :) Anyways, the bleeping synths and clapping beats are for dancing. And it's going to make you smile (that's what it's all about).
Make sure to watch the videoclip of a gig and listen to a song in polish (Joanna's homeland) also from their site >> http://www.jplusjplusj.com/
Here are the sweetest pieces in my opinion:
BeepTCHES Suite (Live) [mp3]
High School Caste System [mp3]
Skiball vs The Mall [mp3]
Dorbze (Remix) [mp3]


The Nymph [Estonia]

the nymph

the most british band in estonia (why aren't they on the cover of NME yet?)

thousand times (mp3)


FusedMARc [Lithuania]

FusedMARc and their Contraction EP from Sutemos

Easier (WTLGD) (mp3)
WTLGD (Joel Tammik Remix) (mp3)

joel tammik is estonian artist, who is known for his introspective electronic dub sound. he has released records under belgian u-cover and estonian ulmeplaadid. he has been also member of lu:k (legendary estonian dnb group) and myrakaru. myrakaru lp was released last year by expanding records. myrakaru was actually last estonian artist played by john peel at his radio show. teenagekicks3000.com has posted one show from september 30, 2004, where peel is playing myrakaru.

John Peel, September 30, 2004


Moonlyn [Canada]


[m3u] Butterfly Girl

El Perro Del Mar [Sweden]

el perro del mar and hybrism

just a beautiful song.
(hybrism has released also two el perro del mar mp3-eps)

it's all good (mp3)


Totally Radd!! [USA]

website & label

it's quite awful. no, actually it's fun. and i really love the name of their record label (there's some more "nice" bands at retard disco). totally radd!!: videogamediscorock and vocals by one drunk :)

The Greatest Battle On Earth (mp3)


Kawaii [Norway]

kawaii & shelflife

oh so cute indiepop: electrobeats, organs, toy keyboards and jazzy guitars + boy and girl vocals

if it shines, we have it (mp3)
friends who make you lonely (mp3)


Compute [Sweden]


lofi synthpop with girl vocals. "dance with me" is a big bedroom dance hit. more songs available at compute's and label's page.

Dance with me (mp3)
I thought one kiss couldn't do any harm (mp3)


Popidiot [Estonia]


punkelectro from tartu, estonia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Popidiot (mp3)
Microsoft (mp3)
Owner of a (mp3)

Gonzales [Germany]

site1 & site2

[mp3] Lovertits feat. Feist
[mp3] Gonna Get Off Rightaway
[mp3] Dans Tes Yeux feat. Guesch Patti


Terrorgruppe Schwarzenraben [Holland]

Mr & Mrs Cameron

[mp3] Revolution
[mp3] I'm OK, You're OK


DJ Me DJ You [USA]


[mp3] Set The Controls


ÄGE / Vonsuck [Estonia]

ÄGE' site -> http://www.tokintmash.pri.ee/

Mac - Vaalaneiu (Vonsuck remix).mp3
Hoop - Princess Of Avalanche(ÄGE remix).mp3
ÄGE - Tihase Lihased.mp3


Guruhark / Hark [Estonia]

The band.

[mp3] Guruhark - P.I.L.
[mp3] Hark - Asustatud Asteroid